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Montg High School VaxCare Cover Letter
Flu vaccine information sheet
Vaxcare form
Dental Application


Activities Handbook 2016-17

Student handbook 2016-17

Montgomery County Chromebook Policy Handbook

2016-17 School Calendar

MCR2 2016-17 School Calendar-Adopted

MCR2 2017-18 School Calendar - Adopted

Vo-Tech Students

2016-2017 Mexico District Calendar

Progress & Quarter Dates:

Quarter Dates
1st Quarter:  August 9 - October 7
2nd Quarter:  October 11 - December 20
3rd Quarter:  January 3 - March 10
4th Quarter:  March 14 - May 19

Progress Reports/Quarter
August 26
September 16
October 7 - 1st Quarter
November 4
December 2
December 20 - 1st Semester
January 27
February 17
March 10 - 3rd Quarter
April 7
April 28
May 19 - 2nd Semester

Monthly Calendar
See calendar on website.

Season Pass Form
Season Pass Form.pdf

People's Savings Bank has been emailed to seniors and is available on the high school website.

Shelter Insurance Scholarship has been emailed to seniors and is available on the high school website.:  Due March 24

Missouri Insurance Education Foundation Scholarship has been emailed to Seniors. Paper copies are available in the Counselors Office.

America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Monsanto Scholarship:  Information is available in the counselors office and at  FFA membership not required.

Community Foundation of the Ozarks Scholarship:  Due Dates vary

MO Bankers Foundation Scholarship:  Due March 10, 2017

MFA Scholarship has been emailed to your google account:  Due to Guidance Office  March 10, 2017

Cattlemen's Association Scholarship:  Due March 10, 2017

Farm Bureau Scholarship is available:  Due March 24, 2017

United Credit Union Scholarship:  Due March 24, 2017

Kenneth Short Memorial (OPAA!) Scholarship:  Due March 31, 2017

Keo Keshner Scholarship has been emailed to Seniors:  Due April 1

Shannon Keo Knoepflein Scholarship is available in the Counselor's Office:  Due April 20

Aspiring Nurse Scholarship:  Due June 30, 2017

Lunch Visits
2nd Wednesday of every month - Marines